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In the demo, a Picus expert will show how Picus Detection Rule Validation assesses your detection rules deployed in your SIEMs, EDRs, and other detective security controls. DRV helps security teams to maximize the effectiveness of their new and existing detection rules.
How does DRV help my company and security teams?
Broken and inefficient detection rules waste time and resources and create a false sense of security. You can discover these rules automatically with Picus Detection Rule Validation. By applying our actionable insights, you can effortlessly fix and improve detection rules for optimized threat detection and response.
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At Picus Security, we help organizations with continuous security validation efforts so they can more accurately assess risks and strengthen cyber resilience.

As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), our Complete Security Control Validation Platform is used by security teams worldwide to proactively identify security gaps and obtain actionable insights to address them.


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